LoLo rewards platform for supporting local

Every month, we would like to tell you about how a client is using Blue Ridge Solutions to help them serve their customers. We’d like to begin by telling you about LoLo, one of our fastest-growing new clients.

Founded in 2013, LoLo is headquartered in Asheville, NC. The company operates on a very innovative model. LoLo was founded by Clark Harris and Matthew Simpson. They operate a credit-card based customer rewards system for local businesses.

Matthew and Clark had been working with local firms for some time, working mainly to help the community thrive by helping local shoppers and local businesses learn more about one another. One of their main goals all along has been to boost local economies.

LoLo is a more powerful and innovative way to serve the same goals while doing more for both shoppers and merchants alike. Customers register a normal bank credit card with LoLo, and they get rewards points that are good for any local merchant who participates in the LoLo community. Unlike the national chain store rewards, these are not limited to any particular store or brand.

LoLo currently serves five (5) communities: Asheville (NC), Carrboro (NC), Chapel Hill (NC), Andersonville (IL – a suburb of Chicago) and Spartanburg (SC). Their biggest challenge has been convincing merchants just how easy it is for them to use the platform, and how well it works for both merchants and shoppers.

Matthew Simpson tells us that his biggest surprise has been the passion of so many people who sincerely want to help local firms. Having worked with new technology launches before, they weren’t surprised by how long it has taken to get their business ramped up. actually, they have learned that the additional time to expand has allowed them to iron out some of the early wrinkles and develop better ways to help their firm grow.

LoLo launched with a web application and a mobile app that only worked on Apple iOS . They wanted to add the Android platform as well, but cost to add Android was more than they could spend, and it still wouldn’t have the same look and feel as the iOS app.

When Clark and Matthew spoke with Dan at Blue Ridge Solutions, they were shocked to learn how quickly they could get the Android platform online. Matthew and Clark talked about it and decided that if Dan’s team could really deliver that fast (at a lower cost than they had paid for the iOS app), they couldn’t afford to pass up the opportunity.

The mobile app for Android was deployed so smoothly, and it was ready in only 6 weeks, well ahead of schedule. Clark and Matthew were so happy with this app that they engaged Blue Ridge Solutions to rebuild their iOS app as well, while adding new features to both platforms. They now have two smoothly functioning, feature-identical mobile apps, and they are adding new features almost daily.

Clark tells us, “It’s comforting to finally find a company that can actually deliver on their promises for timing and budget, despite the project being ambitious.” If you are interested in learning more about how Blue Ridge Solutions could help your firm the way we’ve helped LoLo, please

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